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Ahrendts, who eventually took on the role of executive vice president, oversaw nearly two dozen Liz Claiborne brands, including Juicy Couture. In 2005, Rose Marie Bravo, then-CEO of Burberry, asked Ahrendts to join the company as her successor. Ahrendts has said she initially turned the offer down, refusing to even have coffee to discuss the role with anyone at Burberry. She later agreed to talk with Bravo and to meet with Christopher Bailey, the Burberry creative director who Ahrendts had worked with at Donna Karan. After a long lunch, Ahrendts decided to take the job at Burberry.

"We had lunch that day, [Bailey] and I, for, 3-and-a-half hours and on the back of a napkin, put our dreams on paper," Ahrendts said in a 2010 interview with Charlie Rose, "I said, 'if I do this, what are we going to do ., in the next five years?'"What Ahrendts did was re-energize both Burberry's sales and its image, One key step was buying out companies in Spain and other countries that had licensed the Burberry name to label their own lower-end products, That practice was hurting Burberry's image as a luxury brand, She also limited the number of products that could use Burberry's iconic pattern in a bid to make it iphone screen protector best exclusive once again..

Her work in the fashion world gained attention. Forbes ranked her No. 53 on its list of the most powerful women in the world in 2013 for her accomplishments at the British company. Last year, she was named an honorary Dame Commander of the British Empire for her contributions to British business. Ahrendts credits "Midwestern core values" instilled by her parents for much of her success. She's said publicly that her father taught her compassion and humility, while her mother taught her to have faith and be the best she could be. Ahrendts also said during the Ball State commencement speech that it's important to follow your heart and not get sidetracked by technology.

"Technology has given us access to the world and its sea of content, allowing us to never speak to another person if we don't want to," she said, "Computers and smart devices are among the greatest intellectual gifts ever created for man, iphone screen protector best but if not balanced with human contact, may offer little to develop ones heart, Don't get me wrong, I am mesmerized by this Digital Tsunami, but Google doesn't have all the answers, and are all those people on Facebook truly your friends?"Following one's feelings or intuition has been a common message from Ahrendts in recent years, In a TEDx Hollywood presentation she gave in March of 2013, Ahrendts delved into the power of "human energy.""Think of energy almost like emotional electricity, It has a powerful way of uniting ordinary people, their connected spirit, to do extraordinary things," she said..

As for her role in helping to fuel the Digital Tsunami, Ahrendts took Burberry digital, allowing customers to buy certain apparel online before the items hit stores. She also started broadcasting Burberry runway shows online, and launched the Art of the Trench selfie site that lets Burberry owners flaunt their trench coats. She also built up the company's social media presence. Burberry currently has 2.85 million Twitter followers and 17 million likes on Facebook. In September, models carried a prerelease iPhone 5S during a Burberry runway show in London to showcase the device's camera features -- a move that brought a lot of attention to both Apple and Burberry.

Former colleagues praise Ahrendts' management style, noting she puts in long hours, is fair to underlings, and isn't afraid of differing opinions, In a February 2014 profile, Fast Company noted that Ahrendts is "adamant that significant news be shared first with staff" so they're not surprised, She also "communicates constantly" with employees by sending them emails to thank them and by traveling to stores around the globe, Ahrendts has already shown she has the right mentality when dealing with the Apple brand, as she shared in the interview with Fast Company: "I iphone screen protector best don't want to be sold to when I walk into a store," she said, "The job is to be a brilliant brand ambassador, Don't sell! No! Because that's a turn-off, Build an amazing brand experience, and then it will just naturally happen."Steve Jobs couldn't have said it better himself..

Former fashion CEO Angela Ahrendts joins Apple this week as head of retail and online stores. Expectations are high that she'll bring a new burst of pizzazz. Angela Ahrendts might not, at first glance, fit in with Apple's jeans-and-button-down dress code. But the former CEO of British luxury retailer Burberry Group could be just what the consumer electronics maker needs to spruce up its retail operations. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

For the first quarter of 2014, the iPhone saw a higher slice of sales in several key countries, including the UK, France, Spain, Japan, and Australia, Kantar iphone screen protector best said in a report released Monday, As one example, the iPhone's share of smartphone sales surged to 57.6 percent in Japan, up from 49 percent for the same quarter last year, The iPhone is actually the favorite among Japanese consumers, leaving Android in second place with a 41.5 percent share, Over the past quarter, the iPhone snagged 42 percent of all smartphone sales on Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo, 59 percent on KDDI AU, and 81 percent on Softbank, according to Kantar, Japanese consumers cited the phone's design and 4G capability as well as its expected reliability as key factors behind its appeal..