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iphone screen protector bubbles edges might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

The iPad has been a great useful catch-all for a good 80 percent of my needs, but it's still, really, a larger-screened iPhone at heart. A larger-screened iPhone, however, might be on its way very soon. What about the iPad then, particularly the Mini? A 5-inch iPhone 6 is bound to cannibalize iPad Mini sales. But that's happened before: the iPhone cannibalized the iPod, the iPad Mini cannibalized the larger iPad. That's product evolution. The iPad will always live in the iPhone's shadow if it essentially performs and feels the same way. The iPhone still has clear advantages: always-on internet, a superior camera, and true pocketability. Oh yeah, and it's a phone.

The very first iPad felt like a larger extension of the iPhone, And, years later, iphone screen protector bubbles edges not much has changed, I can't think of what I really want in an iPad as far as hardware goes, Maybe Touch ID and a true way of using it across applications, Maybe more storage for less money, I'm writing this story on an iPad right now: an Air, docked in a Logitech Ultrathin keyboard cover, It's doing just fine for me, It works, It's what I take with me, So how is Apple going to top that?, What does the iPad need next? Maybe nothing, and that's the biggest challenge of all..

Here's how it works: In time of need, you would press the power/lock button three times in quick succession. This action sends a series of text messages with your approximate mapped location, a photo from the front and rear-facing cameras, and a short voice recording. This isn't to replace a call to 911, 999, 000, or other emergency services. Samsung's lengthy disclaimer also states that, since the tool is based on text messaging, it "may not work accurately, continuously, or error-free" depending on network conditions.

Still, for a little peace of mind, Samsung's twist on ICE, or In Case of Emergency, numbers, is easy to set up, Here's how you do it, Navigate to the Settings menu, then press Quick Settings, Select Safety Assistance from the list of choices, then tap Send help messages, and swipe the toggle to On, You'll be asked to read through and sign off on a lengthy terms of service that reminds you iphone screen protector bubbles edges that this feature won't summon an ambulance, and that also absolves Samsung of personal liability, If you want to scale back on the service to keep from inundating your contact with so many texts, you can uncheck the boxes to deselect sending a recording, and photos from the Galaxy S5's two cameras, In that case, triggering the emergency response would send an SOS text with your location..

Back out of the help messages window and tap Manage primary contacts to select your emergency recipients. You can have up to four. It isn't a good idea to include emergency services here, since most government agencies won't accept texts, or even know who you are in the first place. (This is changing in some places in the US, but isn't widespread by far.). It's worth letting your contacts know that you've added them. I'd also recommend a dry-run test so both sides understand what to expect in the event of the real deal -- may it never occur.

Editor Jessica Dolcourt shows you how to set up an emergency Galaxy S5 tool you'll hopefully never have to use, There are those features on your phone that you'll probably never use, and then the ones you'll never want to use, Such is the case with Safety Assistance, an emergency tool that will alert up to four predetermined contacts when you sound the alarm, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, iphone screen protector bubbles edges We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

A Nokia spokeswoman told Reuters "it's highly unlikely that the plant will transfer" to Microsoft. If that indeed becomes the case, Microsoft will enter into a service agreement with Nokia to produce phones at the Chennai plant. "We are aware that Nokia has communicated to their employees that the factory may not transfer due to the liens in place," a Microsoft spokesperson told CNET in an e-mailed statement. "The Microsoft and Nokia corporate teams continue to work together to close this deal on April 25 as announced earlier this week. We can share more details on April 25 after the deal closes."The facility has become a major headache for the Finnish company. Earlier this year, India's tax officials raided the plant and hit Nokia with back taxes to the tune of $500 million. Nokia is currently battling the levy in court, but since its deal with Microsoft is set to close on Friday, it's unlikely that anything will change and Microsoft will be able to acquire the facility.

The $7.2 billion acquisition includes Nokia's Devices division, along with some other facets of the business, After the deal is done, Nokia will remain in business, operating other aspects of its operation, Reports swirled earlier this week suggesting HTC would consider buying the Chennai plant if Nokia puts it up for sale, HTC told CNET in an emailed statement, however, that it has no plans to acquire the facility, and the plant itself is not up for sale, CNET has contacted Nokia for comment on the report, iphone screen protector bubbles edges We will update this story when we have more information..