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iphone screen protector edinburgh might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

Bicyclists in particular may be attracted to the FlyFit ankle-mounted fitness tracker on Kickstarter. It's hard to stand out from the crowd of fitness trackers, but the FlyFit hopes to do so via crowdfunding -- and by attaching itself to a different body part than normal. The gadget fits around your ankle, not your wrist. The FlyFit shares plenty of similarities with other trackers. It works with an iOS or Android app to collect and track data about your everyday activities, exercise efforts, and sleep quality. The biggest difference is its ability to measure leg movements. It can differentiate between walking, going up stairs, or biking. That may make it a more accurate tracking choice for people who bike a lot since the stability of the wrists during biking can fool some fitness devices into thinking you're not moving much.

Although he says he doesn't want to criticize Google Glass too much, as it isn't a finished product, Mack told me: "Our biggest competition is Google Glass but our approach is different, because we focused on creating a device that people don't mind being seen in."Translation: Laforge's Icis is Google Glass for real human beings, You know, the ones who bathe in the power of the superficial, as well as the serious, Still not wishing to criticize Google Glass too much, Mack told me: "Style is a subjective thing and currently the bar is iphone screen protector edinburgh set pretty low."So he and his team decided to create wearable eyewear that, they believe, not only looks good, but has a more friendly user interface, Instead of having to look up and to the right -- as with Google Glass -- Icis's information, which comes from the cloud, is displayed around the outside of the field of vision..

Mack makes lofty, as well as stylish, claims. He says his company has "figured out how to give you augmented reality capabilities within a conventional-looking pair of eyeglasses for people regardless of their prescription."You might wonder who are these clever people at Laforge. Well, they're current and former alumni of Rochester Institute of Technology. Mack himself came out of RIT's mechanical engineering technology program. His undergraduate thesis focused on disaster relief housing and alternative fuel vehicles. Perhaps there's more money in technological fashion.

Should you believe that these glasses are, indeed, more stylish, you'll also be wondering about the snoop factor, Mack said, There's nothing like the young to offer clear-eyed, blind optimism, Mack does temper his sunny side by suggesting you should "treat anyone wear glasses who is staring at iphone screen protector edinburgh you the same way you would treat any other stranger staring at you."By screaming "Whatchoo lookin' at?!" and slapping them about the chops? No, just by assuming they might be up to little good, You'll suddenly believe it's a Friday in June when I tell you that Laforge isn't yet fully funded..

The company launched an Indiegogo campaign Tuesday to raise more money. Mack wants to refine the design and get it ready to be bought by the fashion-aware. The company hopes to have two different lines in the not too distant future. Mack's vision, though, is enticing: "We have a turnkey solution when it comes to manufacturing and a year or so down the road you could potentially walk into an eye shop and have Icis be produced to your exact dimensions in about an hour."Laforge Optical can't be the only company that looks at the current iteration of Google Glass and thinks: "Ew." Indeed, Google itself is working to make its creation more visually appealing.

Still, you can't help but think that there's a certain intelligence in the Laforge's basic approach to design, As its CEO explained: "We design products for people, not in spite iphone screen protector edinburgh of people."That sounds like Mack, rather than PC, The makers of a new nose-perched wearable device say it's far sexier than Google Glass and has a more human-friendly interface, Picture Larry Page: all nerd, all business, Not a man, one suspects, who worries too much about couture, Now take a look at Laforge Optical CEO and Founder Corey Mack in the video below, There's a little snazz there..

Bing Health & Fitness is an all-in-one health tracking app that keeps tabs on your diet, exercise, and overall health. You can log each meal you eat to get help in meeting a weight loss or gain goal. There's a GPS tracker to map your runs or bike rides. The app also gives you guides and videos for different exercises, and tells you how many calories you burn with each workout. You can look up common medical terms, procedures, and medications to learn more about them. Lastly, you can punch your symptoms into the Symptom Checker to get an idea of what might be ailing you.

The final new Bing app hitting Windows Phone is Bing Travel, which lets iphone screen protector edinburgh you book flights and hotels, track your flight status, and helps you find worthwhile attractions while you're traveling, The app gets much of its information from TripAdvisor, a site where anyone can leave reviews of hotels and attractions, as well as travel-guide site Frommer's, Microsoft also updated its existing Bing news, weather, sports, and finance apps for Windows Phone so that all of your settings and content from those apps will sync with the Bing apps on your Windows tablet or PC, That means if you customize your news feed in the Bing Sports app to show updates on your favorite teams, you'll see that information in the same app on your Windows 8 tablet, and vice versa..