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iphone screen protector glass vs film might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

The company behind the device, Ion Eyewear envisions the Weon as the perfect solution for discrete mobile notifications. I got a chance to see a prototype of the Weon Glasses, made by a 3D printer no less, at MWC 2014. Though the gadget I handled was clearly roughly crafted, Ion Eyewear told me the final product will be manufactured by a professional Italian eyeglass maker. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

HTC revealed the name in a bizarre teaser trailer ahead of the handset's unveiling next month, Rest assured: it continues the company's quirky marketing strategy, The teaser shows a couple in lab coats discussing the merits of the speakers in mobile phones, Then they go on to detail exactly why the New HTC One's Boomsound speakers will be much better, Except they don't, as whatever they say is blocked by obfuscating sounds, and the device is pixelated, so we can't see any details, Sneaky, HTC is set to iphone screen protector glass vs film lift the lid on its new handset on 25 March, The name isn't that big a surprise, Apple calls new models of iPad simply 'The New iPad', The HTC One was a stellar handset too, so why change what ain't broke?..

The New HTC One was codenamed the HTC M8, but that was just a working title, so was unlikely to ever be the final name. HTC has been having a tough time lately, with its last few financial results being less than impressive. Nevertheless, it could still afford to enlist Ironman actor Robert Downey Junior to promote its devices in a series of bizarre adverts. The company could really do with a decent phone to turn around its fortunes, so let's hope the New HTC One is it. We won't have long to find out. Pencil 25 March in your diary, and check back here for more before then. What would you like to see from HTC's next flagship? Let me know in the comments, or over on our Facebook page.

That would mean a person could step into an Internet cafe then iphone screen protector glass vs film update the software as soon as Mozilla releases a new version or security fix, rather than waiting for a handset maker to build, test, and release the update through a network operator partner, But, Eich cautioned, "We are not there yet." OS updates are a risky proposition for carriers, which don't want to risk bricked phones and the attendant customer support difficulties, Part of the change is driven by the fact that carriers aren't necessarily going to be in the loop with Mozilla's $25 Firefox OS smartphone, announced this week at Mobile World Congress here, For that phone, people often will buy the phone from a bin at a retail store, Eich said, picking a carrier later..

Operating system updates can be a sore point for smartphones. Most Apple customers upgrade operating systems relatively swiftly, but even mid-range Android phones often don't see new versions of the operating system. That leaves customers without new features, makes lives difficult for app developers struggling to support older models, and exposes people to security risks. Firefox OS risks this problem, too. Although Mozilla issues Firefox OS updates at half the rate it does with Firefox -- every three months instead of every six weeks -- that's still too fast for some. Alcatel skipped the Firefox 1.2 update because of some problems with the 1.1 update.

Firefox OS is still a young challenger in the marketplace, with the first phones going on sale in July 2013 in Spain, but now it's iphone screen protector glass vs film available in 15 markets, chiefly Eastern Europe and Latin America, "In the next several months, we'll add 12 new markets," said Jay Sullivan, Mozilla's acting chief executive officer, at a press conference at the show Sunday, "Later in the year, we'll have a large focus on Africa and Asia."Mozilla doesn't want Firefox OS users to have out-of-date versions of the mobile OS, so it's working to offer updates itself over Wi-Fi connections..

BARCELONA, Spain -- Mozilla will take over some responsibility for issuing Firefox OS updates that carriers today have, a move that could help users avoid the fate of Android phone owners saddled with older operating system versions. "We are pushing that envelope," Chief Technology Officer Brendan Eich told CNET. "We think we can get people on Wi-Fi upgrading through Mozilla."Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Setting up the process is simple -- like Android's Face Unlock, the Facial Identification Technology (FIT) feature takes a scan of your face, and then requires you to enter a pin code, This basically means unless someone gets plastic surgery to look just like you, no one will ever be able to unlock your phone (well -- unless they know your PIN), Since it's using infrared, you'll iphone screen protector glass vs film also be able to use this unlock feature even in low-light conditions (which you can't most of the time with Android's default version)..