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Google has updated its Play Store with an option that lets you require that a password be entered every time someone wants to buy virtual goods while immersed in a game or other app, according to a report in blog Android Community. Previously, goods could be bought for a full 30 minutes on one password entry (an option that remains available). Such in-app purchases have caused more than one parent's heart to skip a beat or two. Earlier this week, a New York woman filed a class-action lawsuit against Google over the 30-minute window, charging that the company hadn't made it plain to parents. She was peeved on discovering that her 5-year-old, who'd been playing Marvel Run Jump Smash, had smashed into her bank balance to the tune of nearly $70 by purchasing virtual "crystals."Some might say she got off lucky, however. An earlier Federal Trade Commission complaint -- against Apple and the 15-minute purchase window it had in effect on its App Store -- revealed that one woman's daughter had spent $2,600 while playing Tap Pet Hotel and that other kids had shelled out more than $500 in the apps Dragon Story and Tiny Zoo Friends.

Apple settled the complaint with a payout of a minimum of $32.5 million in customer refunds, The lawsuit against Google notes that Apple also began requiring a password for every in-app purchase, The phenomenon has also attracted the attention of regulators in Europe, The EU's European Commission said recently that it wants to iphone screen protector hammer investigate in-app purchases on games that can be downloaded for free and that it planned to meet with several consumer watchdog organizations across the EU, along with Apple, Google, and other companies involved in the distribution of apps..

This week's suit against Google alleges that many games that feature in-app purchases "are designed solely to lure minors to purchase Game Currency in order to meet the objectives of the game..Such games, by design, are highly addictive," and it points to a January 19 story in Consumer Reports that warned parents about the Google Play Store's 30-minute window. In that story, Google was quoted as telling the publication, "We always appreciate feedback and are currently working on new features that give our customers even more information and control over their Google Play purchases."We've contacted Google for comment on the new Play Store option and will update this post when we have more info.

Google updates its Play Store so parents and others can require iphone screen protector hammer that a password be entered every time someone wants to buy virtual goods while in a mobile game or other app, What? Your kid and her Tiny Zoo Friends are threatening to march off with your life savings by way of virtual doodads purchased in mobile games? You'll probably be interested in this, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

I know what you're thinking: Of course he likes this deal. His company is getting bought out for $45.2 billion. And Marcus, who is paid in excess of $10 million a year, is the guy who spearheaded this tie-up in the first place. And there's little doubt he will profit handsomely from the acquisition. But hear me out. He might actually be right. As a Time Warner Cable customer for more than 15 years, I can attest that the service I've been getting for nearly two decades is nothing to write home about. And the bottom line is that the services that Comcast offers its customers today is simply better than what's available to Time Warner Cable consumers.

"Comcast is more innovative iphone screen protector hammer than any other operator when it comes to video service," said Erik Brannon, senior analyst for US Television at IHS, "By contrast Time Warner Cable has been less interested in things like converting analog subscribers to digital subscribers, And the implication is that on the whole their network is not quite as robust as Comcast's."Even though Comcast hasn't made any promises about when or where Time Warner Cable customers will get Comcast's suite of services, it's clear these offerings will eventually make it to Time Warner Cable territory, And that could be a very good thing for Time Warner customers in spite of concerns that the cable giant is getting even larger..

"Some features and services people can expect relatively quickly after the merger," said Marcien Jenckes, executive vice president of consumer services for Comcast. "Today we're the leaders in terms of broadband speeds, TV content catalog and experience, as well as TV Everywhere. And Time Warner Cable customers can expect all of this over time."It's hard not to be skepticalI realize many consumers are skeptical of big mergers such as this one. And this particular merger is as big as they get. Comcast and Time Warner Cable are the No. 1 and No. 2 cable operators in the country. The combined company would control 33 million broadband connections. Together the companies will be in 19 of the 20 largest metro markets in the country. So it's easy to see why people are concerned and even skeptical of a deal that concentrates so much power in the hands of one company.

Add on top of that, the fact that rates on expanded basic cable TV service have increased by more than 20 percent in recent years, it's hard iphone screen protector hammer to imagine that a merger of this proportion could be positive for consumers, Don't forget, Philadelphia-based Comcast and New York-based Time Warner Cable consistently rank at the bottom of most customer satisfaction surveys, What many consumer advocates and lawmakers such as Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.) surmise is that this must mean bad news for consumers..