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iphone screen protector how to apply might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

"The whole intent is to create 'talkability' for us, and we did achieve that objective. There was a lot of buzz for us after we launched the campaign."Ho cheerfully admits that there is no way HTC can compete with the budget of its larger competitors. He says the company has only been in making its own branded handsets for the last six years (the previous years as an original design manufacturer notwithstanding) and is focused on smart devices, compared with Samsung, which has its hands in a lot of other pies.

"Everyone knows our competition outspends us by 13 to 14 times, so for us to fight a traditional war won't be a successful move for us, We're realistic, we have a 3 percent market share today, We aren't crazy about going after our iphone screen protector how to apply competitors who have like 16 to 17 percent market share or the one [Samsung] with 33 percent," he said, "We're realistic about what we can and should do, and there's a considerable gap between No, 1 and 2, and not just the rest of us."With that in mind, Ho says the company will ask consumers to tap the Internet, where there exists a bevy of positive reviews on HTC's products, He highlighted the company's Gary Oldman ad as an example..

"If we don't have the kind of marketing powers that our competition have, how do you get the news out to your consumers? We asked ourselves where the biggest pool of good write-ups are, and that's the Internet," he said. "So instead of us spending the funds to bring this out to the consumers, we'll instead draw our consumers into this pool."Whether this strategy pays off remains to be seen. Apple and Samsung haven't relied on asking consumers to go online to search for reviews; they told consumers how great their products are and how consumers can use them. For now, though, HTC's edgy guerrilla marketing strategy may be just the thing the company needs to set itself apart from its competition without having the money to do so.

Lastly, Ho confirmed the company will be launching "richer portfolio" iphone screen protector how to apply of devices, including a tablet and a smartwatch, though they won't launch till the company can do them right, "I don't think consumers want to wear a large chunky watch, A smartwatch need not be like a big robot that you wear on your hand, A smartwatch has to fit into the lifestyle of the consumers, whether in terms of design and functionality," he said, He adds that the company has noticed that early adopters of smartwatches would use one for three months before putting it aside..

"Sometimes, being first in the market has got its advantages. But in terms of new categories, it's also good to observe what's going on before we really serve the market with products and services. Otherwise you'll just become a me too, and I don't think that's HTC."Marketing exec Benjamin Ho gives CNET his take on HTC's campaign with "Iron Man" star Robert Downey Jr. and discusses how HTC can apply pressure on Apple and Samsung. SINGAPORE -- Everyone knows HTC isn't doing so great -- especially after this week's quarterly earnings report. But Benjamin Ho, the company's chief marketing officer, brushes aside the short-term view.

DJI's new Phantom 2 Vision+ led the charge in camera-equipped drones, Unveiled iphone screen protector how to apply only last week, this quadrocopter has a built-in camera with stabiliser for smooth video from the air, It's incredibly easy to fly too, but it will set you back around £900, Parrot's AR Drone 2 comes in at around £350 and can be controlled from your iPhone, Eco travel was a big theme from the show this year, with electric scooters, electric cars and a solar powered concept car from Cambridge University making appearances, Only 200 of Volkswagen's futuristic-looking XL1 cars will be made -- and will sell for £111,000 -- but their hybrid engines can achieve an astonishing 313 miles to the gallon, Can you afford not to get one? Yes, probably..

So is the Gadget Show Live worth attending? If you're a keen gadget nerd, then absolutely. Apart from getting up close and personal with the latest kit such as the Sony Xperia Z2 -- which is yet to even hit the shops -- you'll see a whole array of top-end gaming chairs, remote control cars, actual cars, headphones and loads of stuff that you wouldn't find in your typical branch of Currys. We popped along to the Gadget Show Live to see what shiny kit was on display at the UK's largest consumer technology show.

The Gadget Show Live is the UK's largest consumer iphone screen protector how to apply technology showcase, where all manner of tech brands get together to show off their latest bits of kit, Held in Birmingham, the sparkling jewel of the Midlands, the show plays host to well-know brands like Sony and Samsung, along with a wealth of up and coming names, I hopped on a train to see what was on show, Along with a slew of phone and tablet accessories, the show features new products from all categories, Music fans are well catered for, with headphones and speakers from Bowers and Wilkins, Pioneer, Libratone and audio streaming speakers from Musaic, Roland were there showing off their latest digital drum kit, the TD30K, which has hundreds of drum sounds on board recorded from actual drum kits to give a more realistic sound reproduction..