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The Taiwanese smartphone maker has hired Paul Golden, the former head of marketing for Samsung's US mobile division, as an adviser to HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang, CNET confirmed. The hiring was first reported by Bloomberg. HTC could use the help in the marketing department, as the company continues to struggle with shrinking market share and operating losses as it consistently gets overshadowed by larger rivals Samsung and Apple. The original HTC One was largely ignored in favor of the Galaxy S4, and HTC is attempting to avoid repeating history with the HTC One M8, which has to contend with Samsung's Galaxy S5.

Wang has recently taken over some of the day-to-day duties from CEO Peter Chou, leaving Chou to focus on the products themselves, Part of her new duties is to widen and strengthen its marketing push for the HTC One M8, iphone screen protector how to remove In the US, HTC has unveiled a series of ads featuring actor Gary Oldman, known for roles like Commission Gorden in the Batman "Dark Knight" trilogy, Its "blah blah" campaign directs consumers to the Internet and to form their own opinions before buying a new smartphone, The HTC One M8 has largely gained critical acclaim for its metal design..

The company has vowed to support the HTC One M8 with a stronger and more visible marketing campaign. Golden served as the chief marketing officer for Samsung's US mobile division from February 2008 through January 2012. While there, he helped develop and cement the Galaxy brand as a powerhouse in the US. His successor, Todd Pendleton, helped bring in the series of "Next Big Thing" ads and the commercials mocking the Apple lines debuted under his tenure. He most recently served as a managing partner for a marketing consultancy called Brand Slam, according to his LinkedIn profile.

"HTC continues to invest in talent and recruitment as part of our broader human resources strategy to ensure the continued strength of our company's organizational structure," the company said in an e-mailed statement, Golden's role at HTC isn't yet a long-term one, with the executive initially hired for a three-month stint, according to Bloomberg, Updated at 5:23 a.m, PT: To include confirmation of the hiring by CNET and a statement by HTC, Corrected at 8:22 a.m, PT on April iphone screen protector how to remove 21: An earlier story incorrectly stated that the "Next Big Thing" ads came under Golden's tenure, Pendleton is currently CMO of Samsung's US mobile unit..

According to the trade-in site Nextworth, older Samsung Galaxy smartphones are at their peak. But prices are likely to start dropping in the coming weeks. In this edition of Ask Maggie, I talk to a NextWorth executive who explains why the company increased the value it has been paying consumers who trade in older Galaxy S series devices. I also help another reader figure out the best place for trading in her old devices. Dear Maggie. I'm considering upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S5. I've been using a Galaxy S3 for the past couple of years. I've heard that it's a good idea to sell old devices before the new one goes on sale. But I wasn't quite ready to commit to the Galaxy S5. Is it too late to sell my Galaxy S3? Will I still get a good price?.

Galaxy Lover, Dear Galaxy Lover, I've got some good news for you, It's not too late to sell your old Galaxy S3 and in fact, you'll probably get top dollar for it if you lock in your price as soon as you can, Jeff Trachsel, chief marketing officer for Nextworth, said that in the week or so before the launch of the new Samsung S5 , his trade-in Web site actually raised the prices they were paying for older Samsung Galaxy S devices by about 15 percent, iphone screen protector how to remove He said strong demand for these older models and low inventory of trade-ins on these devices is what has driven the increase in value..

But he warned that the high prices won't last long. "We're already starting to see demand soften," he said. "And since the release of the Galaxy S5 on April 11, we've seen a big uptick in people coming to the Nextworth site to get quotes on older Galaxy S phones."What this means for you and the other Galaxy S2, S3, and S4 owners is that you should lock in your quotes as soon as you can before the values start dropping. Conventional wisdom suggests that if you're trading in old gadgets it's better to sell sooner rather than later. Just like cars, old gadgets start depreciating almost the moment you take them for a spin around the block. And in general, Trachsel says that still holds true.

"Over time the value of all devices goes down, That is just a function of depreciation," he said, "So holding on to an older device and hoping for an uptick in the price is generally not a good strategy."He added that what he has seen recently with the iphone screen protector how to remove older Galaxy S phones is not a common occurrence when it comes to gadget trade-ins, "I've been at Nextworth for three years," he said, "And I can tell you that it's very rare that prices ever increase."Indeed, when Nextworth analyzed pricing information over the past couple of years, the company saw some consistent trends, In the four to five months leading up to and following the launch of the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S4, prices on the older Galaxy S phones declined about 25 percent to 30 percent..