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iphone screen protector in apple store might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

When viewing the details of the store the Genius Bar option will now be along the top. Again, tapping on it will let you select the device you're having an issue with and select the date and time for your appointment. Of course, you can always use Apple's Web site to book an appointment, but why would you want to do that when you can use the convenience of your iOS device? Well, unless your iOS device doesn't work at all and that's why you need to some help. In that case, visit this page on Apple's site to setup your appointment.

Did you know you can book a Genius Bar appointment directly from your Device using the Apple Store app, instead of Apple's Web site?, The Genius Bar is typically the best place to visit when having issues with an Apple device, but don't forget to make an appointment first, Each time I make a visit to the store, I stand and watch as customer after customer comes in, thinking Apple takes walk-in Genius Bar appointments quickly, More often then not, the customer has to book an appointment and come back at a iphone screen protector in apple store later time..

Once you're done playing (or in the middle of it), you can plug your smartphone or tablet into the pack's USB port for a recharge. The ports are on the side of the device, so as not to interfere with the space for building your toy creations. There's a power button and a set of indicator lights on the backside to show how much charge is left. The Power Brick is currently available for preorder for $49, with a scheduled ship date of mid-March. There are smaller and more powerful external batteries out there, but perhaps the world would be a happier place if more random technology items were Lego-compatible.

(Via Chip Chick), The Power Brick external battery pack doubles as a Lego-compatible building platform, letting you design your own ultimate smartphone stand, The trend in external battery packs for charging smartphones and other small devices is to make them smaller and more compact, The Coi+ Power Brick doesn't care about being tiny, It cares about being bumpy -- bumpy enough to offer a base for building Lego creations on top, The 4,200 mAh power pack comes with four slanted official Lego bricks that can be attached to turn the device into a stand for your phone, Chances are, if you're interested in buying this, you already have a Lego stash of your own to add onto it, You could build a little throne and set your iphone screen protector in apple store iPhone in it, or turn it into a landing pad for your "Star Wars" Lego ships..

"Of the 85 million users one of the things we observed is that 25 million of those users are actually in the enterprise space," said Sims. "Just organically, without a focus, more than a quarter of the users are using it in an enterprise setting."So this week BlackBerry has announced the eBBM suite, a new suite of enterprise focused tools based around the messaging service, and its first product, BBM Protected. "So BBM Protected will provide end-to-end secure chat on BlackBerry devices and on the BES server the log records will be written and be available for auditing and compliance work," said Sims.

The cross platform theory"We felt, philosophically speaking, there was no choice but to take BBM cross platform," said Sims, "We chose that because the messaging paradigm is one of connectedness.""If you roll the clock back to when SMS first came out, you could only send messages to other people who were on the same operator as you," he iphone screen protector in apple store added, "Then the operators within countries said 'no, we need to be able to go across operator networks' and they did, And then they said 'you have to be able to send between countries', It wasn't until those things went in place that SMS really took off, The messaging paradigm is one where you connect as many people and things together as possible."With the move to cross platform, Sims sees that 60 percent of users are still on the BlackBerry platform and 40 percent are now using BBM on other platforms, Sims says BlackBerry is seeing good growth on all platforms, but knows what needs fixing to encourage even greater adoption..

"We feel that the invitation process and the registration process for a new user, while we've improved it recently, has room for improvement. If you've used it you know what I'm talking about," Sims candidly remarked. "It needs to be dramatically simplified, so one of our priorities in the near future -- instead of just adding more and more features -- is to make it work very easily. You'll see us focus on that over the coming months."Sims suggests that when it comes to consumer focused features, they will have to achieve feature parity across all platforms. But when it comes to enterprise features there will be more options that are specific to the BlackBerry environment.

When asked whether a desktop BBM client could be in upcoming plans, Sims suggests that BlackBerry's iphone screen protector in apple store priorities and key markets are very much focused on mobile, Banking on BBMWhile enterprise always has money for the right software, how can BlackBerry monetize BBM in the consumer market?, "You'll see us move towards things like digital goods," said Sims, "In some of the markets we're active in, particularly in Asia, that's a very attractive feature, A couple of the other messaging providers have done things like stickers, that would be an example of that."A few fun micro-transaction tools are one thing, but the big thinking is in turning BBM into a transactional support system, particularly in developing nations..