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iphone screen protector lines might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

To request a password reset via text message or email, click the Forgot password link from Twitter's Sign In page. You can do this at the full website or mobile site as well as from Twitter's iOS and Android apps. At the prompt, type your mobile phone number to receive the reset information via SMS, or type your email address or username to receive it via email. If you opt for the SMS alert, you'll receive a code on your phone that you can enter at the Twitter Sign in page. You can then create and type a new password for your Twitter account. At this point, you should also review the security settings for Twitter to see if you want to tighten them further. For example, you can tell Twitter to ask for your phone number or email address in addition to your username anytime you want to reset your password.

Finally, Twitter will more aggressively deal with what it considers suspicious log-in attempts, As described in a Thursday blog post, the site will now iphone screen protector lines analyze log-in attempts based on location, device, log-in history, and other factors, If it identifies a suspicious log-in, it will ask for further information to verify your account and also send you an alert email so you can change your password if necessary, Other websites have long offered SMS password resets and related security measures, So it's good to see Twitter finally upping its account protection for all users..

Ari Partinen, who has worked as Nokia's "Lumia photography lead" since last July according to his LinkedIn page and who has been dubbed Nokia's "camera expert" by a company executive, is heading to Apple, he confirmed in a tweet Friday. Partinen said that Friday will be his "last day working for the amazing Lumia family," adding that his new gig at Apple will start in June. Nokia has made great strides in photography with its PureView camera technology. Devices with PureView create startlingly crisp images and can offer up to 41 megapixels. Partinen, who has worked at Nokia for seven years, played a central role in making that happen.

Partinen didn't say on Twitter what he will be doing at Apple, But it seems obvious that Apple wants to tap his photo-tech expertise, Microsoft completed its acquisition of Nokia's handset division in late April for more than $7 billion, The division is now known as Microsoft Mobile, CNET has contacted Apple for comment, We will update this story when we have more information, (Via Engadget), Ari Partinen, who worked on cameras in iphone screen protector lines Nokia Lumia smartphones, confirms he's heading to Cupertino, Apple has poached a prominent member of Nokia's Lumia camera team..

Apple will show off its new iPhone 6 at an event in August and release the device that same month, Taiwan-based Economic Daily News reported on Friday, citing people who claim to have knowledge of Apple's plans. At the same event, Apple will also show off a larger iPhone with a 5.5- or 5.6-inch display that will launch in September, the report said. Rumors have been swirling for months, suggesting that Apple would launch two iPhones this year. It was initially believed that the iPhones would be unveiled in September , but if the Economic Daily News reports are true, Apple might have bumped up its schedule a bit.

Whatever the case, all of the rumors surrounding the iPhone seem to line up on one point: screen size, Nearly every recent report says that Apple will launch a 4.7-inch iPhone 6, as well as a , For its part, Apple has iphone screen protector lines remained tight-lipped on its plans, CNET has contacted the company for comment and will update this story when we have more information, (Via Reuters), Apple fans are expecting to see two new iPhones in September, but a new report claims the phones will be shown off in August, Apple's iPhone 6 might be unveiled sooner than expected, a new report claims..

"We asked our customers what they thought was fair when it came to charging, and the clear majority told us that it was unacceptable to increase monthly prices during the contract term," said Cindy Rose, the company's Consumer Director. "So from now on, when you sign up with us, a deal's a deal, and we promise the monthly price you pay will stay the same for the period of your contract term, provided you stick within your allowance."The deal applies to all contract customers on the big red network, whatever the length of their contract, and for tablet as well as phone customers too.

There are caveats of course -- the main one being that it's only the line rental that's been fixed, Everything else on your phone bill could still be tweaked upwards, "In line with Ofcom guidance we may still change prices outside of the monthly line rental agreement," Vodafone said in a statement to CNET, "These would include calls to premium rate numbers, non-geographic numbers and calls, texts and data use outside of allowances as set out in a customer's line rental agreement.""Signing up to a contract, only to get told mid-way through that prices are going up is a proverbial kick iphone screen protector lines in the teeth and has been a bugbear for consumers for a long time," said Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at uSwitch.com..