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iphone screen protector unbreakable might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

In wearables, design is hugely important. No one really knows what wearable tech design should really look like, or feel like, to be successful. The products we've seen so far have been a big grab bag, even the ones that seem well-designed may end up having unforeseen problems down the road. Apple will take a crack at it like everyone else, and odds are Apple's ideas will influence both everyday people and the industry. After Apple's device, will other wearable companies take their design philosophies back to the shop and come back with products that are a response to Apple's ideas? Based on what's happened with the MacBook, iPhone, and iPad, that answer's bound to be yes.

Apple does another thing well, I think -- it preaches everyday utility, You may not want an iPad, or an iPhone, but Apple's marketing and its pared-down line of products focus in on specific use cases, mass appeal, and clear, understandable function, Even the iPod Nano-on-a-wrist idea from 2011 made sense..so much so that it helped launch a lot of wearable watch ideas seen now, Watch any Kickstarter video for your average piece of emergent wearable tech and you'll be exposed to an odd mix of sci-fi, niche quirk, and aspirational weirdness, Few of these gadgets preach everyday use that makes sense to most people, Apple may not succeed at cracking open wearable tech, but it stands the greatest chance of making the field more understandable to someone who's not a techie, Outside of fitness bands and pedometers, what's really iphone screen protector unbreakable stuck so far?..

If an Apple wearable can raise more everyday awareness, like Google Glass did, then that's bound to help every other wearable tech company find a way to be more relevant. And, if Apple's device can work with other accessories, like the MFi program does for iOS gear, maybe other wearables will end up pairing up in unexpected ways. It's not an impossible thought. Hurry up and waitFor now, does that mean you hold off on all wearable tech till Google and Apple get here? You'd probably be missing out on some useful activity trackers (if you need one). And, there are definitely some well-made and intriguing products out there now or coming soon, like the Pebble Steel and Samsung Gear Fit. But, if I were looking to buy something for my wrist, I'd certainly wait a few months until at least June. With Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference and Google I/O both likely to happen around then -- and with the speed and volatility the landscape's showing -- it might be worth the wait.

It doesn't mean other companies, and smaller independent companies, won't succeed, It just means there's a good chance that what comes next from Google and Apple will change everything after that, Wearable tech is everywhere, but expect everything to change again once Google and Apple have their say in 2014, Here's why, So fast, so soon, so sudden: does it mean wearable tech's great time has come? Or, does it really mean what I think it means, that everyone's trying to get iphone screen protector unbreakable something on shelves before the biggest elephants in the room finally make their inevitable announcements..Google, and Apple?..

But that's not all, as (and you heard it here first) CEO John Chen also told CNET's Roger Cheng that the company will reveal yet another flagship BlackBerry handset by the end of the year that he hopes will win over new customers while holding onto the BlackBerry faithful. Chen was quite candid and funny with Roger, so check out his story to hear more about how BlackBerry plans to claw its way back. Fortunately, at its MWC developer day session, the company released a software development kit for its Tizen-based Gear 2 smartwatch, an SDK for its S Health application, and a Gear Fit SDK that will allow developers to make apps for Android devices that will interact with the Gear Fit. As Samsung told Shara Tibken, it will let any developers make apps for the Gear 2, but it will keep development for the Galaxy Gear invite-only. Yes, that last bit is disappointing, but at least it's a start.

Going deep on the Galaxy S5Speaking of Samsung, Jessica Dolcourt delved even further into the new Galaxy S5, She took the camera for a spin, tested the fingerprint scanner, and checked out the heart rate monitor, She also uncovered a load of hidden features, And if you happen to be a gamer, Samsung also showed a game controller designed just for your phone, Nick Hide can tell you more, Zoom, zoom, zoomWhile roaming the show floor Jason discovered how fast mobile download speeds could get in the future, Qualcomm and KT (formerly Korea Telecom) demonstrated to show-goers a modified Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that's capable of downloading data at 300Mbps, Nearby, he also saw a prototype phone simultaneously streaming 4K videos to a TV that demonstrated a new technical standard called iphone screen protector unbreakable Cat 6, The theoretical maximum speed that it could deliver? Also 300Mbps..

Really, Google Glass?Seamus Byrne, who came to MWC all the way from CNET's Sydney office, took in a demo of how Google Glass could use real-time object recognition augmented reality (AR) for the first time. Blippar, a visual discovery/augmented reality company, showed Seamus a few examples for how the app, called Blippar Glass, could be used. In one case, CEO Ambarish Mitra scanned a Natural History Museum flyer which triggered a 3D AR dinosaur to appear on the sheet. Tablets that can take a tumbleIf you're rough on your tablets or just accident-prone (hand raised), then Panasonic may have just the gadget for you. The company's Toughpad FZ-X1 is supposed to withstand a drop of 3 meters without damage and a 30-minute bath at up a maximum depth of 1.5 meters. The tablet's specs aren't particularly noteworthy except for the hot-swappable 6,200mAh battery. That will let you take the battery out, swap it for a fresh one, and get back to what you were doing without having to reboot. Of course, the FZ-X1 is pretty big, but that's the whole point. Panasonic also showed the similarly rugged FZ-E1 smartphone.

Kyocera's crazy conceptsThough it didn't bring iphone screen protector unbreakable any new phones to Mobile World Congress, Kyocera showed a few interesting prototype devices brewing inside its R&D arm, Lynn La saw a GPS bracelet, a tablet with flexible glass, a transparent phone, and a heart monitor that you can wear over your ear, Those are the top stories from day 3 at Mobile World Congress, There's still one day to come, so keep checking CNET for all the top tech from the show, CNET Reviews Editor in Chief Lindsey Turrentine contributed to this report..