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That gives you the power to chat with all your contacts for free, without having to hassle your buddies to download a dedicated app, which has been a stumbling block for similar apps like WhatsApp or Viber. Libon also lets you make unlimited calls to other Libon users and hooks up to your voicemail, allowing you to leave custom messages for certain contacts, or have your voicemail transcribed into text form for speedy reading. A CNET review of the app found that it's great for free calls but that the paid-for subscription version isn't a great value. The company told me that Open Chat will be part of the free package, so it won't require you to splash any cash.

Libon will show off Open Chat at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, The new service, from Orange's Libon app, lets you receive messages from Libon users and reply via HTML5 in your phone's browser, European operator Orange's Libon messaging and calling app will add a new feature that lets you send text, picture, and audio messages to your contacts for free -- even if they're not Libon users themselves, The Open Chat feature goes live on iphone screen protector zagg warranty iOS later Thursday, with an Android update planned "in the coming weeks." When a Libon user sends a message to a non-Libon user, they'll be sent a link that takes them to an HTML5 chat window where they can continue the conversation, The HTML5 interface will also work on desktop browsers, as well as tablets..

"Whether you add a biking route through Tallinn or a landmark in Vilnius, each improvement to the map will help locals and tourists alike better understand the area and discover new things to do," said Nicole Drobeck, Map Maker's community manager, in a blog post Thursday. "Once approved, your contributions will appear on Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Maps for mobile."Contributing to Google Maps can help contributors and others in their vicinity directly -- but it's also doing free work for a tremendously profitable corporation. And volunteering labor for Google also could mean people aren't contributing work to a significant rival, OpenStreetMap, whose online maps are available for anyone to use, not just those who license Google Maps.

Residents of Greece, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Slovenia now can iphone screen protector zagg warranty make their own contributions to Google Maps and Google Earth, Google has opened up its Map Maker service in Greece, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Slovenia, letting people in those corners of Europe add their own contributions to Google's massive online mapping service, Map Maker lets people contribute geographic features like roads, buildings, paths, and parks to Google Maps, a crowdsourced effort that can speed up improvements for people in an area where Google hasn't invested its own resources..

Mobile World Congress (MWC), the biggest wireless party of the year, begins Sunday in Barcelona, Spain. This will be the seventh year that CNET Reviews has attended the event, and we're spending the next few days gearing up for what promises to be a wild ride of new device announcements, company news, and many helpings of jamon and patatas bravas. So until the fun begins, join me for a look back at some of the hottest phones to come out of Barcelona. Starting with 2008, which was the first MWC that I personally attended, I've selected three handsets that were the talk of each year's show. If applicable, I've also added a link to CNET's review of the final device and told you whether it made the carrier rounds. If anything, you'll see just how the pace of innovation has changed at MWC.

CNET's coverage will begin in full force on February 23, so check back then, The unchallenged star of the show that year, the Xperia X1 was the first device in the still popular Xperia series, The smartphone had a powerful feature set (for the time), an interactive panel interface, and a iphone screen protector zagg warranty slide-up keyboard, Getting our hands on the device in Barcelona proved to be a challenge, but eventually we came away impressed with what we saw, Unfortunately, the high price and lack of global carrier support kept it out of the hands of most consumers..

CNET's review said: The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 is a well-designed and fully stocked smartphone that offers great customization through the interactive panel interface. However, with its high price tag, the X1 will be a hard sell for most customers and will be a purely luxury item. CNET's review said: You won't mistake it for a smartphone, but the Samsung Soul is nonetheless an attractive and well-designed multimedia phone. CNET's review said: The Nokia 6220 Classic is a great phone if you want a lot of features but don't want to carry around a large handset. Our only disappointments are that the camera isn't as good as the one on the Nokia N82, and that there's no Wi-Fi.

The second Android phone to come into the world, the Magic made a sneak appearance at MWC almost as the show was ending, A huge improvement iphone screen protector zagg warranty on the original T-Mobile G1, it had a sleeker design, higher-end features, and the Android 1.5 OS, It eventually came to T-Mobile as the MyTouch 3G and to carriers around the world, CNET's review said: The HTC Magic is the Android device for which we've been waiting, A few complaints remain, but its eye-catching design and interface, improved features, and satisfying performance make us excited about Android's full potential..