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Brendan Eich knew there would be challenges taking over as Mozilla chief executive -- competing with Chrome, rebuilding the Web as a foundation for apps, finding a mobile foothold for Firefox OS, What he didn't expect was that a political issue would push aside those technology concerns, Eich's donation of $1,000 to the Proposition 8 effort to ban gay marriage in California, made in 2008 iphone screen protectors apple store and uncovered through public records in 2012, became a rallying point for a large and vocal group that has fought for years for those marriage rights, More than 70,000 people have signed a petition asking for Eich to resign if he can't unequivocally say he supports marriage equality..

Now, in his first interview on the subject, Eich is responding with a message that Mozilla is at its core inclusive -- not just of gay-marriage supporters but also of people like him or gay-marriage opponents in Indonesia who also are part of the Mozilla cause. Those beliefs must be checked at the door on the way into Mozilla, he argues. "If Mozilla cannot continue to operate according to its principles of inclusiveness, where you can work on the mission no matter what your background or other beliefs, I think we'll probably fail," he told CNET.

Mozilla is accustomed to leveraging the Firefox browser to pursue its philosophical fight to keep Internet technology open and under the control of its users, In a reversal, Firefox has become a point of leverage in a very different fight for gay-marriage rights, Hampton Catlin -- CEO of app developer Rarebit, the company he and his husband, Michael Lintorn Catlin, co-founded -- publicly announced Rarebit is boycotting Firefox OS, Dating site OKCupid told Firefox users to switch to a different browser, iphone screen protectors apple store Blog posts about inclusiveness at Mozilla from Eich, Mozilla Chairwoman Mitchell Baker, and Mozilla itself didn't quell the controversy..

Though Eich refuses to discuss his own beliefs explicitly or say whether they've changed, he disagreed with the assertion that being opposed to gay-marriage rights is equivalent to being sexist or racist, and he said political and religious speech is still protected. Eich is the inventor of JavaScript, the co-founder of Mozilla, and before his CEO appointment last week was the nonprofit organization's chief technology officer. He talked Tuesday with CNET's Stephen Shankland, and the following is a transcript of the interview.

Shankland: Is a political firestorm about gay-marriage rights how you expected to start your new career as a CEO? Eich: It's not what I expected, I had lots of other things to work on, I'm doing two jobs, which is challenging, but I expect it'll get better, You made the donation in 2008, and it came out in 2012, Did you consider this to be no longer an issue?Eich: I wasn't sure, There were a lot of other considerations getting me to be CEO, I think I'm a good iphone screen protectors apple store fit for it, I'm doing a great job at it, It's important to look beyond the particulars, Mozilla has always worked according to principles of inclusiveness, It may be challenging for a CEO, but everyone in our community can have different beliefs about all sorts of things that may be in conflict, They leave them at the door when they come to work on the Mozilla mission, We are a broad, big, mission-based organization, It's not to say some of those other beliefs aren't as contributing to the open Web, but we will not succeed globally without being maximally inclusive by leaving exclusionary beliefs at the door, I've done that for 16 years, I've done open source for 20 years, I think my reputation is well-known, Mozilla.org was founded 16 years ago today, The open source went up on March 31..

I've always treated people as they come, I've worked with them, tried to get them into the project, I've been as fair and inclusive as anyone -- I think more. I intend to be even more so as CEO because I agree there's an obligation to reach out to people who for whatever reason are marginalized. What message do you want to send to those who are asking for your resignation or for you to recant your earlier opposition to gay marriage?Eich: Two things. One is -- without getting into my personal beliefs, which I separate from my Mozilla work -- when people learned of the donation, they felt pain. I saw that in friends' eyes, [friends] who are LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered]. I saw that in 2012. I am sorry for causing that pain.

The other iphone screen protectors apple store thing is imagine a world without Firefox, Mozilla is under a threat here, We don't know how big, If Mozilla cannot continue to operate according to its principles of inclusiveness, where you can work on the mission no matter what your background or other beliefs, I think we'll probably fail, A world without Firefox and without Firefox OS and without our approach to putting the user at the center of cloud services instead of having users get pulled into walled gardens -- I think that would be a pretty dark world, I would encourage people to think about that, even if they have a hard time understanding me or meeting me at the Mozilla mission and working on the common cause..