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iphone x case 9to5mac might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

There may well be more to this tale than has so far been revealed. I have contacted Mayor Ardis to ask for his own feelings about this rum affair. I will update, should he e-mail me or even tweet me. (I hope I will, at least, know that it's really him replying.). I wonder, though, whether such a furor over a parody Twitter will have been worth it in the end. Police In Peoria, Ill., seize phones and computers in search of the authors of a fake Twitter account that mocked the mayor. Though Twitter had already shut the account, as many as seven police officers were deputed to conduct the raid.

"If you observe the mobile device industry, in the past six months we do see the..conversion to 64-bit [in processors] after the Apple iphone x case 9to5mac [64-bit A7 processor] announcement," Mark Liu, co-CEO of TSMC, said at a conference on Thursday after TSMC announced its first-quarter results, Apple announced the 64-bit A7 processor in September of last year, The announcement surprised Qualcomm, galvanizing it to announce a slew of 64-bit processors in the following months, MediaTek -- another large mobile processor supplier -- has chimed in too with 64-bit announcements..

Because of that "we see increased demand on 28- and 20-nanometer, this year as well as next year," Liu said, referring to the current 28-nanometer manufacturing process and the more advanced 20-nanometer process, which the company has been ramping up. TSMC just started production in January of 20-nanometer system-on-a-chip products (which the company calls 20SoC). It is the "fastest ramp in TSMC history," said C.C. Wei, co-CEO. TSMC is the largest contract chip manufacturer in the world and has been rumored to be one of the suppliers of Apple's next-generation processor, sometimes referred to as the A8.

Maybe related to this, TSMC said that big changes are under way at the company, "This is iphone x case 9to5mac one of the largest mobilizations in semiconductor history, In one year we have fielded [a team] of 4,600 engineers and 2,000 operators in two fabs (manufacturing facilities)," according to Wei, Executives said that demand for chips in the second quarter is "unseasonably strong."Analysts seemed to be hinting at Apple as a potential customer during the Q&A session of the conference, "In the not-too-distant-future, TSMC's top two customers may have 25-30 percent of total revenues, both in the mobile segment," one analyst commented..

TSMC is also working on an even more advanced 16-nanometer process for future delivery to customers. Finally, it should be noted that Samsung is also expected to participate in the production of Apple's next-gen processors. To date, Samsung has been the exclusive processor supplier to Apple. After Apple announced its A7 processor last year, the industry has been moving to 64-bit, says a TSMC co-CEO. Apple has moved the mobile device industry to 64-bit, an executive from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. said at an earnings conference.

So, Google is making it easier for would-be customers to take Glass for a test run, The company apparently sent emails to a number of potential customers saying they have been "selected to participate in a free home try-on pilot," iphone x case 9to5mac according to GoogleGlassFans and Reddit user clide, It appears these email recipients previously expressed interest in Google Glass, For the free try-on, Google will mail users a kit that includes all frame styles and the four available colors of Glass, "Try out all the styles, show your friends and family, and decide which frame and color suits you best," Google wrote in the email..

CNET confirmed that Google is indeed offering some customers the free try-on kit. However, the devices being sent out are non-functioning -- meaning they look just like Glass but aren't computer-enabled. The try-on is more for an aesthetic test run and for users to figure out if they can deal with seeing the little computer nub floating in their field of view. Once users are done modeling the Glass frames, they can send the kit back to Google via a prepaid label. Anyone who opts for the try-at-home program will get a $50 hold on their credit card until the kit is returned.

Google Glass is the company's foray into a wearable computer, The device comes in the form of eyeglasses that can record videos, take photos, chat, get directions, look up facts on the Web, and more, Up until this week, only a modest number of people were allowed to buy Google Glass -- likely iphone x case 9to5mac in the vicinity of 15,000, But, the company opened its doors to the general public in a 24-hour sale on Tuesday, In just a few short hours, the white and by the end of the one-day sale all colors were snapped up, While the public can't buy Glass currently, Google plans to make the device available to everyone within the year..