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iphone x case designer might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

Viewers can also watch other Livestream feeds on Glass, creating the possibility of one person with Glass seeing the world through another Glass wearer's eyes. There are limitations to Glass as a livestreaming device, to be sure. The device's battery life drains rapidly when shooting video; Worthington said that people dedicated to livestreaming a lot can connect a dedicated battery back to Glass to shoot longer. The Livestream app for Google Glass is available for download at Livestream.com/Glass.

Between January and March 2014 HTC's total revenue fell by more than a fifth since the previous quarter, It's another quarterly loss after recording a net income of NT$310 million ($10 million) in the last quarter of 2013 -- but that was largely down to the sale of Beats rather than a turnaround in sales, HTC has had a tough time of it lately, with critical acclaim and various awards for the HTC One failing to translate to actual sales for the flagship phone, The biggest problem is marketing: HTC recruited erstwhile Iron Man Robert Downey iphone x case designer Jr to shill the One and its ilk, but the ads didn't shift many phones..

Last year, HTC's biggest rival Samsung spent $363 million on marketing in the US. Apple spent $350.9 million. HTC spent just $75.8 million. There's a lot riding on the new HTC One M8 , sequel to the One. It's in shops now around the world, and HTC has fingers crossed it will balance the books once again. The company has also resolved to focus more on the middle of the market, where Samsung's army of Galaxy phones in all different shapes and sizes and prices have captured market share. The loss came during the HTC One's final quarter as the Taiwanese company's flagship smartphone.

The Co-operative Group, probably best known for its chain of supermarkets, says it will offer pay as you go SIMs in more than 3,800 of its shops across the UK -- though you can also order a SIM-card online, The card itself costs 99p, with calls costing from 4pm per minute, That's how much it costs to ring iphone x case designer a fellow Co-op customer, Calls to non Co-op numbers will cost 8p per minute, and it's also 8p per minute to call local and national numbers, For comparison, Vodafone's pay as you go charges are 30p per minute to UK mobiles..

As the Co-op promises not to round up call charges to the nearest minute, you should be able to make very quick calls that only cost a few pence. Texts to Co-operative and non-Co-operative members will set you back 2p and 4p respectively. Sending an MMS will cost 25p, and data costs 5p per MB. The news comes as EE announces that it will be hiking prices by 2.7 percent from 28 May. The Co-op, which is owned by its nearly 8 million members, isn't putting up its own telephone masts -- rather it'll run its networking using EE's hardware. The Co-operative Group told me that the new SIMs are being launched in partnership with The Phone Co-op, which is a different society that already sells phones, and monthly minutes, data and text bundles.

The Co-op follows Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda into the crowded aisles of supermarket-branded networks, The Group is currently reeling from huge losses and scandals at its banking arm, with its independent iphone x case designer director Lord Myners calling for dramatic reforms, Would you buy a Co-op SIM-card, or would you rather go with one of the bigger, more established operators? Let me know in the comments, Promising "honest pricing", The Co-operative Group has entered the mobile world, vowing that it won't round prices to the nearest minute..

Orange and T-Mobile, which are part of the EE group, are also affected. Those who joined an EE network after 23 January aren't affected, but those on a 12-, 18- or 24-month pay-monthly or small-business contract will see their costs rise from 28 May. EE says its changes are "in line with the Retail Price Index", meaning it follows the rate of inflation. The network has provided a calculator to figure out how much extra you'll be paying -- for instance, if you're on a £36 per-month contract, your new bill will be £36.95.

"If you wish to cancel your contract," EE says, "You'll need to pay any cancellation charges that may apply.""As stated in your terms and conditions", the operator continues, "you may cancel your contract without penalty if we increase your monthly plan charge (the recurring amount you pay each month) by more than the current rate of RPI, This increase is in line with RPI and therefore cancellation charges will apply."What do iphone x case designer you think of EE's price changes? Are they reasonable, or are you upset by the extra cost? Let me know in the comments..