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iphone x screen protector 6d might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

"There's a point, whether it's five years down the line or whenever it is, where every time someone captures a 2D image, they're capturing 3D data," Brown said. "We're going to be the company that makes that combination very useful."Update at 11:38 a.m. PT: An earlier version of this story incorrectly spelled a Matterport co-founder's last name. It is Matt Bell, not Belle. Thanks to a low-cost camera and companion cloud service for snappy processing, creating models of 3D space just became a whole lot easier.

Picture a 3D virtual representation of your living room, one you can fly over in a top-down view and even move through with the fluidity of a first-person video game, Now imagine having the ability to tinker with that space: Change the paint on your walls, drop in a new couch to see how it fits with the existing furniture, or perform accurate measurements of the room, all on a computer screen, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any iphone x screen protector 6d time at our discretion..

In response, a spokesperson for WhatsApp called the report "overstated" and issued the following statement sent to CNET. In essence, WhatsApp is saying that the fault lies not in our app but in Android itself, meaning any nasty piece of malware could access data on a device's SD card. WhatsApp's comment that it updated its app to further protect against malware sounds like a step in the right direction. But in a comment to his original post, Bosschert said he tested the app again after the latest update, and the flaw still exists.

CNET contacted WhatsApp for comment and will update the story with any further details, (Via TechCrunch), Claims of security hole involving SD cards don't paint an accurate picture, say the makers of the popular chat app, The people behind WhatsApp are rebutting a report contending that the app is vulnerable because your chats can be stored on an Android phone's SD card, Earlier this week, DoubleThink chief technology officer Bas Bosschert posted a blog alleging that hackers could use a malicious app to tap into your WhatsApp conversations by uploading the iphone x screen protector 6d database from the SD card to a Web site, To prove his point, Bosschert said he created an app that was able to snag and read the database files..

And you'll be able to go online on your phone or tablet at 4G speeds in the USA, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands by the time summer rolls around. Deals include £3 for 100MB of data per day. That's not exorbitant but isn't a lot of legroom for a heavy data user either, especially when you consider Vodafone and Three let you use your full home allowances in selected countries for free or a few quid a day. But that's just for 3G -- if you absolutely have to have 4G speed, EE is once again leading the way.

If you pay for double speed with a 4GEE Extra plans, you also get unlimited calls and texts to select countries when overseas, EE describes the new roaming option as the first of iphone x screen protector 6d a series of outbound roaming agreements that will allow you to check your email and social updates; look stuff up online and on maps; and stream music and video while abroad, Regular folk and those of you with small business contracts can start 4G roaming immediately, while corporate customers will follow "soon."EE has also been named the UK's best network by independent researchers for -- deep breath -- network performance, reliability, speed, mobile Internet, and call and text performance..

What are your data roaming tips? Which network offers the best value, or do you pick up a local SIM card when you touch down? Tell me your holiday thoughts in the comments. EE customers can now enjoy 4G data in France and Spain, with the USA and other European countries to follow by summer. If the spring sun has you thinking ahead to your next holiday, then good news: if you're on UK network EE you can now enjoy 4G data roaming in France and Spain. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Fitbit responded quickly, halting sales and offering a voluntary recall late last month — this timing also meant the Force never actually got an official retail release in Australia, Now more information has come out via the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, who also made an official recall notice yesterday, According to the CPSC, 9,900 people reported skin irritation from the Force iphone x screen protector 6d and 250 people reported blistering, It's worth noting that with over 1 million units sold in the US, this is quite a low number, We also had the Fitbit Force in for review and experienced no such issues over the testing period..