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iphone x screen protector youtube might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

So writes Ars Technica, which conducted basic iPhone 4 performance tests with iOS 6.1.3, iOS 7, and 7.1. Specifically, the blog clocked load times for various stock apps like Camera, Messages, and Mail, and also the time to complete a cold boot. The results: iOS 7.1 boots a bit more quickly than iOS 7 (43.1 seconds versus 45.1 seconds), but still slower than iOS 6 (31.1 seconds). As for apps, they also load a bit faster, though in mere tenths of a second in most cases. The biggest gain was found in Messages, which took 2.8 seconds to load under iOS 7 but just 1.5 seconds under iOS 7.1.

Here are the full results of the tests, Unfortunately, despite these modest gains iphone x screen protector youtube in the stock apps, Ars Technica notes that "iOS 7.1 doesn't perform any differently in CPU, GPU, or browser-based benchmarks than iOS 7.0, Apple sometimes takes these medium-sized updates as an opportunity to further optimize Mobile Safari's JavaScript engine, but that's not the case here."In other words, if you want an iPhone that's faster overall, you'll need a faster iPhone, If you've noticed any changes to your iPhone 4's performance after installing iOS 7.1, share your results below, And if you haven't yet installed the update, will this speed up (sorry) your decision to do so?..

Speed tests show that Apple's older iPhone gets a performance bump from the updated OS, though it still ran faster with iOS 6. Good news for iPhone 4 owners: Apple's iOS 7.1 update, released earlier this week, should make your handset feel a little snappier. The bad news: It still won't run as fast as it did on iOS 6. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Tobit altered the robots, which cost around $39,500 each, to make them a bit more "interesting," a representative told RuptlyTV, "We changed them to get more color, we changed them to get bigger breasts," he said, also indicating that the robots are now controllable via an Android smartphone, The dancing itself seems rather tame iphone x screen protector youtube -- the robots stand in place and gyrate their hips a little and move their free arms -- so perhaps not every human achievement can be replicated by a robot, One that could dance like Anastasia Skukhtorova? Now that would be something..

(Source: Crave Australia via The Verge). At the Tobit Software booth at the CeBit trade show, robotic pole dancers Lexy and Tess twerk it for the crowd. No job is sacred any more: Even the technology trade show booth babe's role has been taken over by robots. Lexy and Tess the robotic pole dancers drew a crowd Monday at the CeBit IT show in Hanover, Germany. The pair were upgraded models for the Tobit Software booth, which has been displaying the dancers for a few years now. Designed by British artist Giles Walker, they're made from 12V motors found in cars (the kind that control the windshield wipers); have LED arrays instead of faces; and are controlled via PC, while their "male" counterpart, a DJ with a megaphone horn for a head, looks on.

Apple is now testing its music service as a standalone app for the next version of iOS, according to 9to5Mac, which cited "sources briefed on the plans." The idea is that Apple could feature and market iTunes Radio more readily as its own app than as an option tucked away into the iOS Music app, For iOS 8, iTunes Radio would be pre-installed and borrow its look and feel from the familiar Music app, iOS users could listen to Featured Stations, create and manage their own stations, and purchase songs and albums from iTunes, Apple was looking at iTunes Radio as a standalone app for iOS 6, 9to5Mac said, But complications over record label deals pushed the launch back to iphone x screen protector youtube iOS 7..

Though this tidbit comes from unnamed sources, Apple certainly would want to consider new ways to boost the reach of iTunes Radio. The service is actually doing pretty well, at least according to a recent survey from Edison Research. A poll of 2,000 people in the US tagged iTunes Radio as the third most popular streaming radio service in the US. Still, there's much more room for growth. Since its debut last September, iTunes Radio had won more than 20 million users by just a month later. But that number is but a drop in the bucket of more than 600 million iTunes users. And iTunes Radio faces competition from Pandora, Spotify, and similar services, all of which have their own dedicated apps in the App Store.

Apple also has a history of separating different features into their own apps, The iOS Music app once included podcasts and iTunes University content, Both of those have since been split off into their own unique apps, iTunes Music seems particular ripe for this type of move -- since it's currently nestled into the Music iphone x screen protector youtube app, some people may not even know it exists, The move would be part of Apple's strategy to drive adoption of its online music service, says 9to5Mac, iTunes Radio could split off as its own separate app for iOS 8..