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iphone y plus case might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

As for apps, most of the ones I prized on my iPhone were also available for Android, but some of them felt clunky in comparison (I'm looking at you, Cozi and Weather Channel). Plus, a couple of my new favorites, Buddhify 2 and Paper , currently have no Android equivalents. These were hardly deal-breakers, just contributors. There's a fairly loud voice in my head telling me to stick it out, to at least wait and see if an iPhone 6 announcement happens this spring rather than this fall. In the meantime, maybe I'll get all my Android/Moto kinks figured out and just settle in with them.

In fact, there's one thing I'm truly loathe to give up: the gesture-powered Google Keyboard, I frickin' love that thing, It makes the iOS keyboard feel like junk, Oh, for Apple to buy/copy/steal/license this iphone y plus case technology, I'll also miss the Moto's bigger screen, though I have to say it wasn't the life-changer I anticipated -- and I read a lot of e-books on my phone, I lived with my iPhone 4S (and the 4 and 3GS before that) so long that I guess I'm just used to that 3.5-inch screen, Funny how everyone was fine with it -- until bigger ones came along..

Some of you will no doubt take all this as an indictment of Android, and I suppose it is -- though only a personal one. Basically, I've tried both, and I've decided I prefer iOS (and, by extension, iPhone). To me, Android looks and feels clunky, like something that was engineered, not designed. I like the consistency (and security) of iOS and the apps that run on it, and I even like Apple's unified ecosystem, warts and all. To me it all feels cohesive, while Android feels like a conglomeration of disparate Google chunks.

And there you have it, This is nothing more than personal preference, but it speaks to an interesting sociology: Why do we feel so strongly about this stuff? Why do we feel so defined by our iphone y plus case choice of smartphone and computer? And why do we get so riled up when others take differing views?, I await your slings, arrows, and, hopefully, rational discussion in the comments, While I can see the benefits of the Android platform, especially with regard to hardware, it's just not the mobile experience I want..

Tablets get a bad rap when it comes to content creation, and in my experience, the reputation is deserved to a degree. But I don't think that we're done developing tablets or tablet software, and one device I bought last year has opened my eyes to what's possible: the $70 Kensington KeyFolio, which builds a compact keyboard into an iPad stand that serves double duty as a case. Without it or one of the other iPad keyboard choices, I'm inclined to agree with the folks who deride tablets as a productivity tool. The sensation of airy responsiveness that so astounded me when I first used iPhones and iPads years ago to play games is just not there when it's time to write letters or edit photos. A complicated user interface is tricky to design for blunt fingers, and on-screen keyboards drastically shrink the usable screen area even as they fail to match the tactile feedback of physical keyboards. You can get compose emails, edit video, mix music tracks, and crunch numbers in a spreadsheet, sure, but when I have a PC at hand, there's no question I'd pick it over my iPad for getting work done.

Things change dramatically with the iPad slotted into the Kensington keyboard case It's still not up to the PC standard, but it works well enough that it fades into the background as I write stories for CNET, (I'm iphone y plus case writing this piece right now on my iPad.) That's high praise: so many devices never quite get out of my way and let me do what I need to do, It's not that designers want them to be obtrusive; it's just that there are limits to what's possible, Voice dictation, on-screen smartphone keyboards, gesture controls -- they all have their place, but they're still fundamentally too clumsy..

The KeyFolio has a microfiber interior that cleans your screen when it's folded up flat and that props up the iPad in a convenient position for typing and using the touch screen otherwise. You can use it on your lap, but only just barely: to keep the iPad propped up enough and not slip down my knees, my hands were uncomfortably close to my belly when using the keyboard. The iPad is smaller than a conventional laptop, though, so even though the arrangement is pretty deep, you should do OK on airplanes as long as you can get the seat-back tray to fold down. (I use the earlier KeyFolio Expert, but there are many newer models from Kensington, not to mention options from rivals.).

When you're trying to get work done, you really benefit from an iPad with a faster processor, iOS's multitasking shortcomings are on display when I'm working, too: switching among apps is pokey on my third-generation iPad, I have too many apps open -- Google Drive, a browser, Gmail, and Apple Pages, for example -- I have to wait for the apps have to reload when I switch among them, Another beef: the KeyFolio's key response can be too twitchy, iphone y plus case I often suffered two spaces in a row when typing, and multiple letters, too, though less often, This seemed to be software specific to a degree; it happened in Google Docs but not as much in Apple Pages, for example, Eventually I gave up trying to deal with the spacebar problem and just used search and replace to wipe them out, (Some kind of cloud connection, be it Google Drive or iCloud or an Office 365 subscription, is really necessary for tablet productivity work.)..