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j&d iphone case might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

I especially liked the detail that the phone teased out of the water glass. Yet another press staple. A higher megapixel sensor means that close crops like this one here still look good (the original shot was at least twice as wide.). CNET mobile editor Brian Bennett helps me ham it up for this shot on the Galaxy S5's 2-megapixel front-facing camera. The phone automatically applies the Beauty Face mode that airbrushes skin and often makes faces look better up close. This mode lets you choose to focus on the foreground, background, or focus evenly across the image. Here, I've focused on the cup of tea in Samsung PR representative Jessica Baker's hand. It takes longer to process the shot when you use this mode.

It's nice that you can continue to edit the focus after you've taken the photo, Click the settings to see icons that lay out the camera options, You can drag and drop individual icons onto the shortcut bar, Samsung consolidates some of its camera modes into Shot & More, and adds Virtual Tour j&d iphone case for a 360-degree view, When you take a photo with Shot & More, the applicable mode options light up, The purpose of this action mode is to make the dramatic subject really stand out from a blurred background..

You can also set geo fences, which will alert you if the tracker leaves the set boundary, or set a timer that will alert you every five to 15 minutes. A company rep told me the tracker will work in most parts of the world, though not in Japan, as it uses a different GSM frequency from what the device supports -- 800MHz and 1,900MHz. The I'm Tracker should be available in June globally with an estimated retail price of 150 to 180 euros ($216 to $247). You'll also need a subscription plan of 6 euros ($8) a month -- if you don't subscribe, you won't be able to receive location updates. A 25 euro ($34) prepaid plan is also available for up to 1,000 updates.

This gadget will keep tabs on loved ones -- both young and old -- or make sure someone can find you while you're hiking in the wilderness, BARCELONA, Spain -- Italian company I'm Spa's latest product, the I'm Tracer, is a GPS tracker that can be worn as a wristband -- or a collar for your pet, Underneath the water- and shock-resistant rubber casing is a GPS tracker as well as a SIM card, The I'm j&d iphone case Tracer uses GSM to triangulate your position before getting a lock with GPS and reports that location to the app running on a smartphone or a PC..

Though none of these devices are officially brewing inside Kyocera's R&D arm, they are still enticing to think about it. In fact, some of these products don't appear to be that far into the future -- like the arced-display smartphone, which we can see now with the LG G Flex and the Samsung Galaxy Round. Check out Kyocera's vision of the future via the slideshow below and be sure to check out more of CNET's MWC 2014 coverage. From transparent smartphones to foldable tablets, Kyocera showcased some of its future tech at MWC.

BARCELONA, Spain -- In the j&d iphone case future, the world will be full of wearables and smartphones that can bend whatever way you want -- at least, that's what Kyocera imagines it will be, At MWC this year, the Japanese phone company showed off some of its quirky concept devices, along with its family of waterproof Hydro smartphones, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Young Moon, manager of Infraware's global business development division, said that the PAG software basically adds a standalone Dalvik runtime to the compiled code, allowing it to run in Tizen OS without any special tweaks. However, this service isn't free. Infraware is charging developers $5,000 an app, but will provide support for two years -- Moon considers that the shelf life of most apps. The huge fee also helps to deter pirates from ripping off apps and putting them on Tizen. Sadly, while this service is all ready to go, there are no Tizen smartphones yet. Moon sounded a little frustrated at the delay but said his company will be switching focus and looking at other devices running Tizen OS, such as smart TVs.

If you're a developer eagerly waiting to port your apps to Tizen OS the moment a phone ever gets released, there's an easy way to do so, BARCELONA, Spain -- Infraware, a Korean software developer and creator of the Polaris Office suite for mobile devices, is showing off how easy it is to convert Android apps to Tizen OS at the Smart Content Korea booth here at Mobile World Congress, With a simple click, the j&d iphone case Polaris App Generator software is able to wrap an Android APK and convert it to a Tizen OS executable file, This means developers don't have to pour additional resources into manually porting their apps..