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Quixey's latest capability adds another level of usefulness to its search, breaking what it calls the "walled garden" of data within each application, and coming up with the most relevant results regardless of source. Quixey will be able to draw upon information from select apps that aren't even on your phone, which would provide an incentive for you to download that app. Now, searching for data locked up in apps isn't as simple as casting a wider net, and Quixey is starting small with its announcement at Mobile World Congress. The company will start with restaurant search results, folding in data from apps in that area.

But as of the interview, Quixey only counted Allthecooks Recipes and Spotify as participants, but the j hope iphone case startup was looking to nail down a few more partners, For now, the results will bring up recipes and information on artists and tracks based on those two apps, If you click on the play button in the search results of Quixey, your phone will switch over to the Spotify app or ask you to download it, The company is working with developers to explore more interactive results, At the conference, Quixey showed off a platform that allows app developers to allow the search engine to access its info, The hope is that Quixey's search results will bring up critical data from an app, enticing someone into downloading it..

Quixey will run a beta test with a larger group of partners after the show, and hopes to launch in late March or early April, according to Kagan. Kagan compares Quixey's smarter results to the kind of results you get when using Google on a PC. Type "foreign currency exchange" into Google, and you won't just get links to currency exchange Web sites, but also a foreign currency calculator. You want to travel to Las Vegas? Google it and you'll get a list of available flights you can purchase straight from the site.

Quixey believes that same kind of easy access can be had on a mobile device, but acknowledges it will take time, "This is not a simple challenge," he said, "It's enormous for us."Indeed, while Quixey powers some well known app search engines, including Sprint's app store and Ask.com, it has had limited success as its own Android app, Kagan says it has crossed six figures j hope iphone case in downloads and is on its way to seven figures, and noted that half of the people who install it are regular users, "It's doing okay," Kagan said..

A majority of the nearly 600 reviews of the app found in the Google Play store were overwhelmingly positive, so it has slow, but enthusiastic, traction. The deep search feature introduced at the show will trickle out to the consumer app, as well as its partners, so they all get the same benefit. The startup hopes to bring forth what it believes is the next step in running searches on your smartphone. BARCELONA, Spain -- Quixey thinks it can do mobile search better. The Mountain View, Calif., startup on Tuesday showed off the capability to run mobile searches and bring up results straight from apps -- including apps that aren't even on the phone. The company believes these kinds of deeper searches will make it a go-to tool on smartphones.

The 48MHz chip is 15 percent smaller than the earlier KL02, the company said, It's just right for something like a car key that could tell a person how much fuel j hope iphone case the car has, but Freescale also expects to sell it for use in mobile devices, portable medical equipment, cars, and appliances, Its size makes Freescale's chip "the world's smallest ARM-based microcontroller," the company said, ARM licenses chip designs to many manufacturers, an approach that simplifies programming because software more likely can be reused to reach different devices..

Freescale announced the ship at the Embedded World Conference show in Nuremburg, Germany, but the "Internet of things" is a big deal at the Mobile World Congress show here, too. The mobile show focuses primarily on mobile phones, but is expanding to connected cars, homes, city infrastructure, wearable computing devices, and other domains as electronic brains and network connections spread ever farther. The KL03 is designed to work in very low-power devices that need less than 2KB of memory, Freescale said. The KL02 is designed for somewhat more powerful devices with more RAM.

The KL03 also includes 32KB of flash memory and 2KB of RAM, Freescale will release samples next month and plans to reach full production in June, Need an electronic brain for your keychain computer? Freescale's KL03, half the size of a golf ball dimple and costing 75 cents, might be just the thing, BARCELONA, Spain -- Freescale Semiconductor, a maker of small processors called microcontrollers, has a tinier new one it hopes will help companies jump aboard the "Internet of things" bandwagon, The microchips used in computers cost j hope iphone case tens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars, But the Kinetis KL03 is an entirely different class for devices that aren't nearly so big and brawny: it measures just 1.6x2.0mm and costs 75 cents -- for customers buying them 100,000 at a time..