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k.doo iphone case might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

King makes 180 game titles but only one that really matters. The soon-to-be public company will need its big hit to avoid the rise-and-fall fate of social games. If you're one of the 97 million people who play Candy Crush Saga every day, consider yourself a sweet treat for King, the company behind the game, which finds itself ready to net around $326 million from the sale of shares in a public offering later this month. On Wednesday, King updated its prospectus, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, to reveal that it plans to price its shares at between $21 and $24 a piece. At the high end of that range, King is slapping a $7.6 billion value on a company that makes 180 titles but only one that really matters.

Quite naturally, this is what LeBron James chose to do on Wednesday when his phone phlegmed out and erased everything he had on it, As Business Insider reports, the Miami Heat forward told his 12 million followers: "My phone just erased everything it had in it and rebooted, One of the sickest feelings I've had in my life!!!"Sympathy welled from Miami to Mogadishu, Sadly, some retweeted his pain and gloated, For LeBron's phone is most definitely a Samsung, How can I know? Well, he's a highly-paid endorser of Samsung products, And he's said to use a k.doo iphone case Galaxy Note..

Of course, it could be that he is secretly an iPhone junkie. Some suggested that of Ellen DeGeneres during the Oscars. (And with reason.). I cannot believe, however, that LeBron does anything other than commit his talents to one brand. You will be stunned into dunking on your own head when I tell you that his tweet was subsequently deleted. Moreover, just before game time of his team's home game against Brooklyn, James tweeted a happy ending: "Close call. Wheew! Got all my info back. Gamer! Lol."Gamer, indeed. Lol, too.

Alas, its iOS exclusivity gave rise to an Android clone called Fives, as well as a Web clone (and probably more than one iOS clone, too; the lack of originality makes one quite despair, really), Today, though, Android users can delete Fives because the iOS exclusivity of Threes has come to an end, It's available now from Google Play for $1.99, If you haven't picked up the iOS version, you can grab it from the iTunes app store for $1.99, Stay k.doo iphone case tuned to CNET for a review of Threes for Android, Puzzle game Threes!, which arrived for iOS last month, has debuted on Android..

There were some absolutely brilliant mobile games released last month, not least of which was Threes! by Asher Vollmer and Greg Wohlwend. The premise of Threes is simple: pair matching numbers, beginning with threes. Your base units are twos and ones, which you push together to create a three; from there, you have to place matching numbers next to each other, then push them together to create a single, doubled number. The idea, of course, is to get the number higher and higher, until you hit the highest number achievable in the game -- 6144 -- on a four-by-four grid of cards.

The $129 Force, which is an upgraded version of the popular Fitbit Flex, comes in the form of a slim rubber wristband and is wired to count users' steps and monitor their sleep, The backside of the device contains stainless steel components that use trace amounts of nickel, along with latex-free elastomer materials and adhesives, Fitbit believes the skin irritation could be coming k.doo iphone case from some users' allergies to these materials, Here's a statement that Fitbit emailed to CNET on Wednesday, According to the CPSC, 9,900 people reported skin irritation from the Force and 250 people reported blistering, While these numbers seem high, they're actually accounting for less than 1 percent of the devices out there -- which is pegged at 1 million in the US and 28,000 in Canada..

The company announced that it stopped selling the Force and issued a voluntary recall of the device last month but didn't release details on the amount of people affected. Also, it wasn't clear if the recall extended to all users -- as it now does. To get the word out, Fitbit posted updates to its Twitter and Facebook accounts on Wednesday announcing the voluntary recall notice. Updated at 5:25 p.m. PT with statement from Fitbit. Itchy skin and rashes? You're not the only one. The activity tracker-maker offers a full refund to all users of the device.

Some side effects can come with activity monitoring with a Fitbit Force health tracker, but they're not sore muscles or an accelerated heart rate -- rather, they involve skin irritation around the wrist, More than 10,000 people have reported skin irritation -- including redness, rashes, itchy and dry patches, and blistering -- from their Fitbit Force, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Because of these issues, the CPSC posted Fitbit's official recall notice on its site on Wednesday, Now, all Force owners can get a full refund for k.doo iphone case their device..