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pink iphone case might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

With three stylish-looking finishes to choose from, the independently crowdfunded Scout gets my vote for the best-looking DIY security kit currently available, but it also stands out for its affordable a la carte approach to securing your home. You'll start with the $100 base station, then add whatever peripheral accessories you want. Live in a studio apartment? Tack on a single, simple entry sensor for $30, and you're looking at a $128 small-home security solution -- though I'd probably splurge on the larger, $70 entry sensor that doubles as an RFID panel and lets you arm and disarm the system using a keychain fob.

Scout connects with whatever sensors you choose using Wi-Fi, but it also features a built-in Zigbee module, so you'll be able to sync up with smart locks or popular smart home gadgets like Philips Hue LEDs, too, pink iphone case There aren't any monthly fees unless you decide to upgrade your system to include live monitoring or a cellular backup, which gives you a little bit of flexibility, Pre-orders are currently shipping out to early backers, with a wider release expected soon, Read our full preview of the Scout Home Security System..

If you're looking for a DIY security option that didn't come from the world of crowdfunding, you'll definitely want to take a look at SimpliSafe, winner of our Editor's Choice. With a variety of customizable, multi-sensor packages to choose from that range in price from $230 to $520, SimpliSafe promises complete do-it-yourself coverage for any home. (Available in the US only, pricing converts to about £140 to £310, or AU$250 to AU$560.) Their systems are totally wireless (they'll keep working without power for up to four days), they offer optional smoke, leak, and carbon monoxide detectors, and they feature 24-7 live monitoring and a cellular backup. You'll need to pay a $15 per month fee if you want the live monitoring and cellular connection, plus even more if you want SMS alerts or remote controls, but we say that SimpliSafe's reliable, comprehensive protection and incredible ease of use are both well worth it. Read the full review of SimpliSafe.

If you're looking for a home security system with a modern, sophisticated design, then you might want to consider Viper Home, Their $230 DIY Starter Kit (not available in the UK; available in Australia, converts to about AU$245) was a consistent performer in our tests, and it's the only option we've seen that integrates home security with automotive security, Their basic package is fee-free, though you'll need to pay $10 per pink iphone case month if you want to add a camera to your system, That's a better deal than most of the competition, but it can't quite beat the totally fee-free iSmartAlarm in terms of value, especially since iSmartAlarm costs $30 less up front, Still, we love that Viper Home will continue working in a power outage (iSmartAlarm won't), and we're excited to hear that the system will soon offer a Z-Wave control bridge as an optional accessory, meaning that you'll be able to add things like smart locks and smart lights into your system, Read the full review of Viper Home..

From kits to cameras to all-in-one units, the new generation of do-it-yourself security is smarter, simpler, and more affordable than anything you've seen before. Installing a home security system used to mean spending hundreds of dollars to have professionals come and hardwire your house, signing a long-term contract, then paying huge fees month after month in order to keep the thing running. Systems weren't flexible, false alarms were frequent, and if you were a lowly renter, you were out of luck -- despite the fact that rental units get burglarized more often than any other kind of property.

Adidas and streaming music service Spotify recently teamed to create music playlists and suggested running routes that match the distance and intensity of your run, Now, it looks like the companies are taking their "boost your run" collaboration a step further, Spotify's offline playback will be coming to the Adidas MiCoach Smart Run around Christmas 2014, reported Engadget on Friday citing conversations with an Adidas representatives, The feature will be available to Spotify subscribers, said Endgadget, and could pink iphone case add extra functionality the device's owners might be seeking..

CNET has contacted Adidas for comment on the report. We will update this story when we have more information. While the market for wearable fitness trackers is becoming increasingly crowded, at least one of company is getting out of the hardware game. Sportswear company Nike confirmed last week that it is halting development of its FuelBand tracker to shift its focus to software development. Offline support for Spotify playback will reportedly make its way to the Android-powered fitness tracker around December.

Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece are covered, the red-hued operator says, and UK visitors who take their mobiles to these locales will find their phones able to latch onto Vodafone's own 4G network in those countries, 4G has pink iphone case only recently established itself in the UK, and is still a technological luxury compared to the slower 3G, at least in terms of most networks' price plans, As such, operators are only just opening up the possibility of getting roaming 4G when you take your mobile abroad, Rival network EE already offers 4G in France and Spain, and has promised to add the USA and other European countries by the summer..