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r-just iphone case might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

To sync your iPhone contacts with the HTC One M8, click on the "Get content from another phone" option in the M8's settings, select iPhone, and choose the "Transfer contacts over Bluetooth" option. On your iPhone, enable Bluetooth, then click "Next" on the HTC One M8. Select your iPhone, click Next, and Pair both phones when prompted to do so. Unfortunately you won't be able to transfer your music, photos, or videos to the HTC One M8 if you are coming from a Windows Phone or BlackBerry device. The best option would be to either save them to a service like Google Drive or Dropbox, or to a microSD card, which you can then insert into the M8.

To transfer your contacts, click on the "Get content from another phone" option in the HTC One M8's settings and select the "All other phones" option, On your old device, enable Bluetooth, pair it with the M8, and grant it access to download your contacts and call history, Whether you have an iPhone, Android device, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone, HTC’s transferring tools will restore almost everything from your old smartphone to your new HTC One M8, Here’s how to set it up, One of r-just iphone case the pains of buying a new phone is having to transfer all of your old data, This is especially difficult if you are switching from an iPhone, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone to an Android device, HTC hopes to make it easier to switch to its flagship device, the HTC One M8 , with its Transfer Tool and Sync Manager apps, Here's how to set them up..

After installing the app you can set a daily step goal in it, and view your current step count, overall step count, and calories burned. You can even change between a light and dark theme. The biggest drawback of this method of turning your Pebble into a step counter is that the app can't run in the background. In fact, every time you back out of the app the current step count resets to zero. Nonetheless, the app makes for a quick and dirty pedometer to help you count steps either throughout your day, or when you go on a run or walk.

You can download Pedometer from the Pebble app store by clicking here on your smartphone, or by searching the store r-just iphone case for the app, This free app in the Pebble app store uses the smartwatch to count your steps, It's not clear why Pebble didn't conclude some sort of basic pedometer functionality in its smartwatch lineup, including in the newly released Pebble Steel , But that's neither here nor there, The launch of the Pebble app store has made it easy to discover apps from third-party developers that add a scattering of features and functionality to the watch..

The first whispers of the update came via LlabTooFeR, a reputable and well-connected ROM developer. Suggesting the 4.4.3 build would address a known camera issue, he posited that it would debut within the next few weeks. A source close to Android Police most recently said that there could be upward of two dozen fixes in the next OS release. As it stands today, many of these features may not be noticeable to the average user. With that in mind, we could look for fixes for features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, the camera, data usage, and USB debugging.

The KitKat versions of Android were recently found to be the r-just iphone case most stable of all mobile platforms, According to the first Mobile Experience Benchmark report from Crittercism, Android 4.4+ crashes roughly 0.7 percent of the time, Tossing in a few dozen bug fixes should see that number further dwindle, The Android platform could soon see another minor update, according to recent rumblings, Google could soon dish another minor update to the Android platform, according to a number of sources popping up in the last week, Expected to arrive as the 4.4.3 release of Android, the new version figures to be all about bug fixes and minor tweaks..

Visit manufacturer site for details. The Apple iPad Air might be a slick piece of design, but dunk it in the bath and it'll quickly turn into a lifeless slab. Enter the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet -- a 10.1-inch slate that is completely waterproof. It replaces Sony's existing Xperia Tablet Z , but packs in a new quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.3GHz, adds the latest Android KitKat software and slims the design down to only 6.4mm thick. The Xperia Z2 Tablet is available to buy now online in the UK starting at £399 or throughout wider Europe for €499. Sony is yet to announce wider availability. The iPad Air also starts at £399 (both with 16GB of storage) but Sony's comes with 4G LTE connectivity, something which will cost you an extra £100 on the iPad. The Z2 Tablet's waterproof skills may mean you're less likely to have to shell out on a new one if you're clumsy enough to drop it in the sink.

When you first pick the Z2 Tablet up, the first thing you'll almost certainly notice is just how incredibly slim it is, It measures only 6.4mm thick, knocking 0.5mm off its already razor-thin predecessor, It feels like you're holding a skinny pamphlet, which is compounded by its light 426g weight, r-just iphone case By comparison, Apple's iPad is both slightly thicker and heavier, at 7.5mm and 469g, That extreme skinniness has come at a slight cost however, While the iPad Air's metal body is incredibly sturdy, with little flex anywhere, the Z2 Tablet feels much less secure, It's not difficult to give the entire tablet a slight bend in your hands -- I don't imagine it would come off too well if it was accidentally sat or leant on..