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top 5 iphone screen protectors might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

And instead of fancy marketing campaigns, Yang says the company will be actively engaging telcos and retailers on the ground level. This seems vastly different to the approach the company took on last year, where it splurged $1 billion in ad money on a zany ad campaign with Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. Yang says that while the campaign happened before he joined, it did make the HTC name known, though he admits it could have been done better. On switching to HTC. As a former Apple guy, one of the first things Yang did when he joined was to talk to his engineers about making the jump to an HTC product.

"People always talk about how hard it is, and if you can't convince me to switch, there's something wrong," he said, With the newly announced Desire 816, HTC wants to make it painless for those who are jumping over from Apple, and to facilitate this, the handset will only accept nano-SIMs, the same kind that Apple uses, There's top 5 iphone screen protectors also the HTC Sync Manager software, which makes it easy for customers to transfer contacts, bookmarks and pictures over, On the competition, Yang believes that the company is poised for a great comeback, and isn't too worried about the competition in Asia, even from vendors such as Xiaomi..

In places like Singapore and Taiwan, where the Chinese smartphone maker sold out of its new Redmi handset in a few minutes, Yang says that its business model is very unique and caters to early adopters. He added that Xiaomi sales have actually petered out in Taiwan, instead of getting stronger. Yang's a bit more positive about Lenovo, whose smartphone empire has been steadily growing, and admits that the company's deep pockets could make it a formidable player. Yang compared Lenovo's current strategy to Samsung's marketing blitz, and also wonders if the company bought Motorola to get into the U.S. market or for the credibility of the brand.

On Windows Phone, Last year, HTC America's Tai Ito said that the company was top 5 iphone screen protectors still committed to Windows Phone, but the lack of launches said otherwise, Yang said that Windows is still a platform the company's looking at, but declined to announce anything, You probably shouldn't get your hopes up for a WP8 HTC device this year, but things could change, Will this year be HTC's glorious return or the continuation of the company's struggles? It's hard to say for now, But HTC's new strategy with its mid-tier devices and the company's upcoming high-end M8 may be just enough for the company to hit a rebound..

HTC South Asia president Jack Yang speaks candidly to CNET about how the company is changing, its growth strategy and its competitors. BARCELONA, Spain--The last thing you would expect someone to do would be to jump ship from Apple to HTC, but that's what Jack Yang, the former head of the Apple's iPhone business in Southeast Asia, did. And when he did, he leapt straight into the action. The new boss of the South Asia market, which includes Southeast Asia, India and Australia, was part of the high-level team who convinced CEO Peter Chou to make the switch back into the mid-tier and, in the near future, the low-end market segment as well.

Sony says that silver plate on the front could eventually be a touch panel, and the device -- were it ever to become real -- could work with Sony's new Lifelog app, which launches with its new fitness band, The app would let you scroll top 5 iphone screen protectors back through your history to monitor your calorie intake and which apps you were using, among other features, Would you use a camera like this, or would it merely collect loads of photos that you'll never ever look at? Let me know your thoughts on wearable tech in the comments below..

The concept tech was spied at Mobile World Congress 2014, where Sony is keen to show off its big ideas in wearable gadgets. Sony is keen to prove that it has potentially brilliant ideas in the world of wearable tech, showing off an interesting concept camera that could strap itself around your neck, and document your whole life. The idea seems similar to the Autographer wearable camera, which automatically takes a photo when it detects a change in your surroundings, to build up a photographical catalogue of your entire existence.

For example, run a search for an Italian restaurant, and Quixey will not only bring up listings, but also utilize apps to bring up information such as ratings or even table and reservation availability, You wouldn't just get links, but real-time information and the option to make reservations on the spot, "The idea is to lower borders and make apps comfortable," Quixey CEO Tomer Kagan told CNET, It's the next step in Quixey's quest to shake up the mobile search business, In October, the company launched an app on the Google Play store that lets you find other apps based on questions you type in normal language, a departure from the status quo of searching for apps by name or top 5 iphone screen protectors looking through app stores for the most popular selections..